The Merchant Lords

The elite of the elite, these self styled Lords Hold sway over the day to day upkeep of the city. These men and women negotiate trade with the neighboring cities and countries, as well as choose what funds go where inside the city.

It is these men who employ the various Mercenary contracts inside the city, either for good or for ill reasons. Although they share no real power with either of the other two Orders, the Merchant Lords are a needed aspect to running the city that Neither the Guild nor the Clerics are willing to run. So their darker practices are usually tolerated by the other two.

The Merchant Lords not only dabble in trade with other countries, but they also serve as the hub for spies, assassins and many other nefarious methods that the Clerics and the Guild prefer to keep at a distance.

Most Merchant Lords tend to have short life expectancies as many are killed as more ambitious men strive to take their places. Only a select few have lasted overly long and these few hold sway over even some of the lesser Clerics and Guild members.

The Merchant Lords

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