Welcome to the City of Elphias.

A city of intrigue… A city of danger…

Elphias, a city nestled in the valley between the twin mountains Roseshade and Icewald. Built around an inlet of water the city has only one land based entrance a road leading south between the two mountains to the forests and meadows beyond. High walls protect the city from rockslides as well as those that would do its citizens harm. But the mountains are not the only dangers to the city. Below the city rests a second city, built out of necessity when the city would not stop growing. Human, Dwarven, Eladrin, Elvish, Gnomish, Orcish and Goblinoid all banded together as they built this underground expanse, with massive stone pillars holding up the city above this city stretches out below the mountains as far as they would dare build.

Even now a third layer is being dug to keep this bustling port city alive.

Above ground there lies the market district, the home to The Brightfield Clerics, the authoritative council and law enforcement guild of Elphias, Brightfield Manor. Many taverns of a less respectable nature were forced into the second layer of the city. Both buildings occupy the first and Second Layer of the city. They will be the only buildings to expand downwards with the city as the city expands deeper and deeper.

The Brightfield Manor stands in the eastern part of the city. Here lies the Brightfield Clerics, the ruling body of Elphias. It is there that the entire host of Elphias’ military and policing might rests. Its walls are dark and drab, made of dull stone. Each tower is turreted and it is easily the most defensible building in the city.

Sitting just across the road Brightfield Manor stares across at the Thornmere Estate, a home to The Guild of Arcana, the learning and research college of the area. Wizards, Artificers, Sorcerers. Any who dabble in the art of Arcane are welcome to train and study in this building. With high white walls and a multitude of thinly spired towers the building stands a stark contrast to its neighbor.

The years have done well for the City of Elphias starting off as a small fishing village it quickly grew and thrived. As the waters around Elphias became overfished the people looked downward digging and mining under their own city in order to create more space. It is here that the poorer and less well of citizens reside. Rarely do they leave this underground city for the surface. Entrances have been built all around the city for ease of access but most citizens do not venture above or below their homes.



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