The Black Basilisk Circus

What Happened Before Now

You stand around the body of one of the few free members of the Black Basilisk Circus left. Her life blood slipping from her as you try to comfort her passing.

You had been chasing down leads for what seemed like forever trying to discover why or who you were supposed to have killed.

The Brightfield Clerics had set up a sting to finally catch the last of you. The Gnoll informer you were supposed to meet is dead at the hands of the Brightfield Paladin charged with capturing you. Naomi Ravenholme they second half of the Black Basilisk high wire act lays at your feet dead. All your friends are either dead or imprisoned in Brightfield Manor.

It was supposed to be a regular stop for the Black Basilisk Circus as they made their way from city to city. Elphias had always welcomed the circus. This time just like always they were welcomed with open arms. The problem didn’t arise until mid week. When a squad of Brightfield Clerics walked into the circus. At their head was a heavily armoured bright haired paladin.

The Clerics claimed that you were going to murder someone very important, some surrendered others did not. Those that escaped have been running ever since. Left with little recourse you have been living on teh fringe of society on the second layer of Elphias tracking down any lead you can find. Edward the Gnoll had given you a lead.

Now you stand in front of The Thirsty Turtle, a well known hang out for the local Orcish Gang, the Back Tooth-Eyes. One of the most feared and dangerous Sec City gangs. Here you’re supposed to me Mirriam a goblin thief reputed to have dealings with the Merchant Lords.


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